Tuesday, January 1, 2013

1/1/2013. Happy New Year. It is my 61st.

I rang in the new year running a 5K with 200 friends at 12:13 AM. 18 degrees. Snow glow for atmosphere. I cannot think of a better way to embrace my 61st New Year.

In 10 days my wife and I will move to Dominical Costa Rica, not to retire but to begin building Selva Pacifica Revitalodge, a gathering place in the jungle overlooking the Pacific, for active, inquisitive, thoughtful, adventuresome travelers. A place where all ages will find inspirational companionship.

Numerous friends have remarked that this is an unusual undertaking for someone my age. I reply that I don't want to get 10 years further down the road and wish I had pursued my dream "10 years ago" when I was younger and stronger.

In this space we will explore, you and I, the vast opportunities that await those who are over 50. We will affirm the documented reality that our lives count now more than ever, that we are role models still, and that the world is both ours to embrace and ours to lead.

Some things are harder now. If we don't keep up physically, it takes longer to catch up. If we don't force our minds to stay open, they close and rust. If we default, we talk more than we listen. If we bow to stereotypes, we cede the high ground to the "cool" kids.

Other things are easier now. We know that human worth is more than human appearance. We more easily shun "things" in favor of "values." We don't panic in the face of endless gloomy prophecies. We have stamina. We know what we're capable of when we commit. We have seen the consequences of decisions played out over time.

Harder or easier, here we are and I believe we should make the most of it. But I am merely one jotting scribe. As readership grows, so does perspective. You are as likely to inspire me as I am you. You will show me where I am wrong and where I am more right than I know. We are better when there are more of us. Engage!

This site will take shape as I learn how to take advantage of the features that are offered. Until then, good enough is good enough for a start. I do not want to look back a year from now and say, "I wish I'd started back when...."

Today's To-Do's? First, comment on this post with a brief description including your first name, your age, and one new thing you'd like to do this year. Second, subscribe to the feed from this blog. You won't have to read every one. But you will at least know when there is a new one.

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  1. Well said, Ron! My thought when I turned 50 was "if I'm as young at 50 as I will think I was when I turn 60" there's nothing I can't do. Of course, spending almost half the year recovering from a slight miscalculation jumping from a bridge didn't help my goals, but there's always next year, right? Muriel Clark - 51 - Take the train somewhere at least twice this year. Safe journeys, and we'll look forward to watching your progress in Costa Rica.